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2020-03-10  situyate


Students Who Volunteer

Mario Greenand Mary Brown from Riverside High School give upseveral hours each week to help others.

Mario lovesanimals and wants 1       (be) an animal doctor. He volunteers at ananimal hospital every Saturday morning. Mario believes it 2       (help) him 3       (get) his future dream job. “ It' s hard work, ” he says , “but I want to learn more about how 4        (care) for animals . I get such a strongfeeling of satisfaction when I see the animals get better and the look of joy 5       their owners' faces.”

Mary is abook lover. She could read by 6        (she) at the age of four. Last year shedecided 7        (try) out for a volunteerafter-school reading program . She still works there once a week 8       (help) kids learn to read. The kids aresitting in the library, but you can see in their eyes that they’re going on adifferent journey 9      each new book. 10       (volunteer) here is a dream come true for me.I can do what I love to do and help others at the same time.

I’ll Send You a Photo of Lucky

Dear Miss Li,

I’d like 1        (thank) you for 2       (send) money to Animal Helpers. I’m sure youknow that this group 3       (set) up to help disabled people like me. Youhelped to make 4        possible for me to have Lucky. Lucky makes abig 5           (different) to my life. Letme 6        (tell) you my story.

What wouldit be like to be blind or deaf? Or imagine you 7(not walk) or use your hands 8           (easy). Most people would never think aboutthis, but many people have these difficulties. I can’t use my arms or legswell, so normal things like answering the telephone, opening and closing doors,or carrying things are difficult for me. Then one day last year, a friend ofmine helped me out. She talked to Animal Helpers about 9       (get) me a special trained dog. She also thoughta dog might cheer me 10      . I love animals and I was excitedabout the idea of having a dog.


After sixmonths of 1         (train) with a dog at Animal Helpers, I wasable 2       (bring) him home. My dog’sname is Lucky — a good name for him because I feel very 3          (luck) to have him. You see, I’m only able tohave a “dog-helper” because 4       your 5         (kind)! Lucky is very clever and understands manyEnglish words. He 6              (understand) me when I give him orders. Forexample, I say, “Lucky! Get my book,” and he does it at once.

Lucky is afantastic dog. I’ll send you a photo of 7     (he) if you like, and I could show you how hehelps me. Thank you again 8        changing my life.

Best wishes,

Ben Smith

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